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Want to do wholesale with us? Send us an email telling us a little bit about your shop; who you are, where you are located, and why you think TWIST By W would thrive in your store! Once we give you the green light, all you have to do is create an account with us!


Look at the top of our website and you should see a "LOG IN" button. Tell us the name and email you are planning on using for your account, and we will add your information to our wholesale buyers list. When you want to purchase wholesale, log in to our website and click the "Wholesale" collection. Add everything you want to order to your cart, and we will get your jewels ready for you! Wholesale totals must be $275 and above. Turn around time on boutique orders are typically 1-3 weeks.  

Already wholesale with us? Make an account on our site and let us know what your info is so we can add you to our wholesale buyers list! Then, anytime you're logged into that account, you will be able to shop wholesale. 


If you have any questions or want help putting together an order, please email us and we would love to help you out! Thank you so much and we can’t wait to work with you!!  ​



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